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Work With Personal Injury Attorneys Who Listen And Care About You

If you have been injured in a car accident or another type of accident, our experienced personal injury attorneys are ready to help. Our attorneys represent clients in the greater Seattle area and throughout Washington State. We also have extensive experience representing immigrants in accident cases.

Our personal injury lawyers represent people who have suffered through accidents such as the following:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Slip-and-fall accidents (premises liability)
  • Explosions and other incidents resulting in severe burns
  • Workplace accidents caused by 3rd parties
  • Any fatal accident that took the life of a loved one

When we represent you after such an accident, we will help you pursue fair compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, loss of income capacity and pain and suffering. If your family member died due to negligence of others, we will work to obtain the compensation you need for a funeral and burial as well as final medical bills and financial losses to the family through wrongful death case against at fault party.

We Represent Many Injured Immigrants

If you are low income or you are an immigrant who has been injured in a car accident, you may feel that your voice is not being heard and you are getting mistreated by the investigating officers, other drivers, and insurance companies. It is not uncommon for non-English speakers to run into disrespect and communication problems such as:

  • Having trouble communicating with the police officer who responded to your emergency call.
  • Difficulty expressing yourself to doctors and nurses.
  • Getting a low initial settlement offer from the insurance company.

Our personal injury attorneys are ready to stand up for you! We will be your voice and will make sure that your story is heard and you receive full compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering from at fault party.

What If Your Injury Case Goes To Trial?

Our experienced trial attorneys are ready to take your case to arbitration and trial.

We work closely with expert witnesses and your treating providers to make sure that your injuries are well documented and explained to the arbitrator or jury. We will protect you from aggressive or dismissive treatment by defense attorneys. We will provide you with zealous advocacy to make sure that language and cultural difference will not stand in the way of justice. We work closely with injured clients to obtain maximum recovery in each and every case!

Injured? Call Us Today.

One of the biggest mistakes people make after suffering injuries in accidents is to wait too long to consult with an attorney. Don’t make that mistake.

We are here for you. Please call us at 425-524-4600 or send an email request for a free consultation.