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At the Law Offices of Anna R. Tseytlin, PLLC, we fight vigorously for clients in immigration and personal injury cases as well as helping people plan for the future by offering estate planning services. Our multilingual legal team includes English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian speakers.
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Experienced Multilingual Washington Attorneys Striving To Meet The Legal Needs Of The Underrepresented And Immigrant Communities

Our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined legal experience in personal injury and immigration fields.

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Personal Injury

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Estate Planning

Striving To Make Sure Everyone Gets
Equal Treatment

In our society, people who are outside of the mainstream culture are often treated as second-class citizens. At accident scenes, it’s more difficult for them to talk to police officers and explain what happened. Quite often, their side of the story is left out of the police report. It is also common for the initial settlement offer in an accident claim to be significantly lower than what is offered to well-spoken, higher income people.

We give voice to the underserved and make sure that our clients are treated fairly and get the compensation they deserve.

Photo of Professionals At Law Offices of Anna R. Tseytlin, PLLC

Helping Immigrants
Is Our Passion

We have a deep understanding of the immigrant experience because two of our attorneys are naturalized citizens who have been through the immigration process. The challenges that immigrants and non-English speakers face are very familiar to us. Even if you speak a language other than English, Spanish, Russian or Ukranian, we can use interpreters to make sure that we can provide the services you need. Our goal is to make sure our client’s voices are heard.

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